[izpack-devel] RegistryDefaultHandler problem

fxa fxa_01 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 24 00:47:11 CEST 2007

Tx, I see what the problem was.  
Still have related problem, since it is looking in the wrong directory for
dll. It is looking in: eclipse-bin\native\COIOSHelper.dll instead of

Path is being created through "ProtectionDomain.codeSource"+/native.  Where
"codeSource=.../eclipse-bin/" which gets mangled with classloaders.  Does
defining my class in different package could cause this problem?

My install xml file contains:
   <native type="3rdparty" name="COIOSHelper.dll" stage="both">
        <os family="windows" />

fxa wrote:
> I am using 3.10.3 and I have written a listener that needs some
> information from Registry so it tries to get an instance of
> RegistryDefaultHandler through getInstance method.  At the same time I am
> using RegistryInstallerListener.  Problem is
> RegistryDefaultHandler.getInstance() which returns null.  
> It seems on first access to handler its initialized flag has been set and
> somehow the work object gets null so registryHandler.good() return false.  
> How can I resolve this problem?  Here is the some snippet:
> public class SomeInstallerListener extends SimpleInstallerListener
> {
>     RegistryHandler registryHandler = null;
>     public SomeInstallerListener(){
>         super(true);
>         registryHandler = RegistryDefaultHandler.getInstance();
>     } 

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