[izpack-devel] Running the Installer twice without exit/launch ?

Markus Schlegel schlm3 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 15:53:07 CEST 2007


A very special question, I know, but it's a requirement to my installer....

We have three parts of our product (Client, Server, Admin) packed into one
installer (because they have a lot in common). The User can choose one on
the first panel. In most cases, a user has to install only one product on
each machine, but sometimes they have to install two (Server&Admin,
Client&Admin) or even all three products.

What we wanted to do is to provide a Button on a "CustomFinishPanel" which
when pressed returns to the first Page, so that the user can proceed with
the next Product installation directly. So far so good, that part worked
(with some CustomActions).

What didn't work is the Uninstaller, because the uninstaller-log is written
inside InstallerFrame.exit() --> writeUninstallData(), which is private.

- What's the design decision to place that writeUninstallData() inside
exit() ? Wouldn't it be useful to write the InstallerData after all Packs
have been written and all "InstallerAction.afterPacks()" have been

- Do you see other problems with this approach, or is it even a complete
insane idea?

Thanks for your input

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