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Vladimir Ralev vralev at redhat.com
Thu Jun 14 12:20:04 CEST 2007

I am also rewriting the download dialog, because the old one is just 
spinning and seems to hang sometimes. This new dialog will track the 
bytes from the stream and display basic stats, when content length is 
not available from the HTTP headers it will go in indeterminate mode but 
still show the speed. Of course, when the connection fails it still asks 
for proxy and everything that was implemented in the previous version. 
Let me know you have some other ideas.

One bigger change is that the pack stream is not accessed with a jar: 
protocol URL, because it wants to download the whole containing jar 
before giving the stream to the inner jar and thus it's not possible to 
track the stream status. Now, it will download the containing jar to a 
local temp file and proceeds from there. This reminds me that probably 
we need to require twice the really required space in the packs panel 
(because it first downloads the containing pack jar and then installs). 
I know that the packs show the uncompressed size and the jars can be 
significantly smaller , but have in mind that these files take more 
space on the file system than their actual size, so it's good to have 
some reserve. What do you think?

BTW, here is my snadbox repository 

and this is the latest web installer 

Julien Ponge написа:
> Hi Vladimir,
>> Does it make sense to you?
> A hell lot :-)
> I must admit that I haven't been using web installers for a looooong
> time, so any improvement in this space will be more than welcome.
> Cheers
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