[izpack-devel] DB2 extensions

Vadim Berman vadim.berman at digitalsonata.com
Fri Jun 15 09:22:38 CEST 2007

Dear developers,
I've fixed some stuff in the extensions I submitted last week, and I believe
this is their final version.
I understand they haven't been added to the repository yet so there is
nothing to patch. Therefore I packed full versions:
com.izforge.izpack.panels.DB2DatabaseAppPanel - obtains data necessary to
connect to a DB2 server and verifies that the connection is possible 
com.izforge.izpack.panels.DB2DatabaseCreatorPanel - same as above, but also
verifies that the user has administrative privileges and capability to
create tables and procedures
com.izforge.izpack.panels.SMTPPanel - obtains parameters necessary to send
email via SMTP, matching email against a regular expression
and there's a new one
com.izforge.izpack.installer.DB2DatabaseCreator - an executable class that
is able to automatically populate DB2 database. (The command CREATE DATABASE
is non-existent in DB2 JDBC interface, it requires use of their CLI.)
Best regards,
Vadim Berman
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