[izpack-devel] Logging stuff

Elmar Grom elmar at grom.net
Fri Mar 9 18:17:17 CET 2007

Hi Klaus,

I hope this message means you have a little bit of time to work on this task

As you know, besides using the logging facility, we still have to wire it
with the finish panels. Since it was a while a go, I have to do a quick
review to find out what exactly needs to be done here.


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Hi all,
long time ago (> 3 month) Elmar has made a
logging stuff for IzPack. I should add it to
the SVN because Elmar has in the moment no
access to it.
In the moment I have simple add the pure classes
without making the association to IzPack. This
will come next time, if I find some minutes
(or hours).
As discussed it should replace the old debug



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