[izpack-devel] Custom Actions NPE, patch

Scott Plante splante at insightsys.com
Sat Mar 10 19:07:43 CET 2007

Hi Klaus,

  I updated the documentation as we discussed. Here is the patch. By the 
way, we just distributed our first application packaged with IzPack. We 
converted from InstallAnywhere, which wouldn't work with the updated 
version of Java required for the new US Daylight Savings Time date 
change, which goes into effect tomorrow night. I had some trouble and 
the docs could certainly use some improvement, but the beauty of open 
source is that the answers were all there with a little digging in the 
source code. Perhaps as time goes on I will have a chance to learn more 
about IzPack and submit some more documentation (and other) patches to 
help make a great package even better. I also wrote this wiki page a 
while back:


  Thanks for your help.


splante at guinness:~/dev/izpack/src/> svn diff doc-ng/XHTML/node9.html
Index: doc-ng/XHTML/node9.html
--- doc-ng/XHTML/node9.html     (revision 1753)
+++ doc-ng/XHTML/node9.html     (working copy)
@@ -450,20 +450,26 @@
-        Add a "compile.simple" antcall in to 
+        Add a "<tt>build-compiler-listener</tt>" macro call in to the
+        <tt>build.listeners</tt> target in 
+        Note that the name attribute value in the build-instealler-listener
+        must match <tt>CompilerListener</tt> implementation class name (not
+        including the package). You should include the actual Listener
+        implementation, as well as any other classes required by the 
-&lt;antcall target="compile.listener.simple"&gt;
-  &lt;param name="listener" value="MyCompilerListener"/&gt;
-  &lt;param name="listener-dir" value="MyCompilerListener"/&gt;
-  &lt;param name="listener-include" value="[MyPackagePath]"/&gt;
+        &lt;build-compiler-listener name="MyCompilerListener"&gt;
+            &lt;include name="[MyPackagePath]/MyCompilerListener.java"/&gt;
+            &lt;include 
+        &lt;/build-compiler-listener&gt;
         Run <tt>[IzPackRoot]/src/build.xml</tt>.
+        An <tt>ant</a> alone will execute the required targets.
-        Add a "listeners" ELEMENT with a "listener" ELEMENT with a 
"compiler" attribute in to [MyProjectPath]/install.xml
+        Add a "listeners" ELEMENT with a "listener" ELEMENT with a 
+        attribute in to [MyProjectPath]/install.xml
     &lt;listener compiler="MyCompilerListener" /&gt;
@@ -471,7 +477,7 @@
-        Compile with
+        Compile with the following command, or an ant task you have set up.
 java -jar [IzPackRoot]/lib/compiler.jar -HOME [IzPackRoot]
   [MyProjectPath]/install.xml -b [MyProductPath] -o

Bartz, Klaus wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> will be nice if you addapt the docu to the current
> "reality" (I hate to write docu :-( ).
> I am always writing docu in the html file. The xml files
> will be administered by an other developer (Fabrice).
> Some time ago our docu was converted from latex to html.
> Therefore some curios anchors.
> If you can do the changes, send me the svn diff of
> src/doc-ng/XHTML/node9.html.
> Cheers
> Klaus

Scott Plante, CTO
Insight Systems, Inc.
(+1) 404 873 0058 x104
splante at insightsys.com

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