[izpack-devel] langpacks

Dan greenash at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 13:37:02 CEST 2007

Hi devels,

a small complaint: I'm not happy with the default
langpacks (eng.xml, for example). Here are two things
that would help:

1) let the user specify a custom location for a
langpack. I want to create my own custom_eng.xml and
use it via

<langpack iso3="custom_eng"
  location="/path/to/my/langpack" />

2) Long-term, please try to improve the quality of the
langpacks. In particular, with respect to eng.xml

* keep in mind that my customers are installing MY
product, not IzPack. MY product is the hero, not
IzPack. While I understand your desire for credit, the
generated installer should mention IzPack sparringly,
so as not to confuse the end-users. A small footnote
saying "This installer was created with IzPack" should

* read http://alt-usage-english.org/humorousrules.html

* exclamation marks look childish! and alarmistic! A
colon (.) is preferrable most of the times.

* the suggestion to "refer to your operating system
manual" will not go down well with customers. Come to
think of it, when is the last time you saw an "OS
manual"? My guess is that this comes from DOS days.
Simply stating failure would be enough.

* a file or directory can't be "not appropriate" (what
does that mean, anyway?)

* awkward messages like these that add to the overall
poor quality impression and discourage adoption of
IzPack. When possible, please have someone fluent in
English (preferrably a non-geek!) review the


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