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Hi All,

I'm not so familiar with reST. Matter of fact I'm having problems to find 
some decent info on it.
In Any case from what I saw I have to agree with Julien that it looks much 
easier to maintain for everybody.
However what is the big issue with our current XHTML?
If It's only a matter of ids, I can definitely fix that. If on the other 
hand it's a deeper problem than maybe it's time to move on.

One of the things that I think we're missing since we moved from LaTex to 
XHTML is the possibility to generate PDF, HTML or whatever format we like 
from the Raw format (I attempted with Ant and DocBook but unsuccessfully 
:( )

Julien, even though I'm pretty sure we can, is it possible to do so with 
In my opinion adding to the fact that reST seems to be structurally more 
user friendly, this change would be an enhancement for the current docu.


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>>   * For these reason, I believe the barrier for people to send
>> improvements is as low or lower than reST.
> The actual problem of the current HTML documentation is that it was
> originally exported from LaTeX, hence it is full of
> 'nodeN.html#c12679019' style' references which can be hard to
> maintain. I honestly think that it can be harmful in the long term
> when reST is quite simple: the hyperlink integrity or appearance is an
> exportation issue.
> I think that Fabrice's opinion would be great to have here.
>> That being said, I don't thing reST is so bad. The reST tables seem a
>> little awkward to edit, but other than that it seems fine. There are
>> some  tools for converting the HTML to PDF, but I don't know how their
>> output compares to that of the reST generated PDFs. That might be a
>> factor in favor of reST.
> You can export reST to LaTeX then output a PDF and the quality is hard
> to beat ;-)
> Cheers
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