[izpack-devel] Docutils

fab miraodb at hotmail.com
Tue May 8 17:45:45 CEST 2007

Hi Julien,

See context related:

> From the website they have you will mostly grab the syntax (which is 
> easy).

Saw that and I agree. Looks simple enough to me :)

> The thing is that there are many many generated ids, code and stuff
> like that and I find it harder to handle when you need a change. In
> the short term it is always easy to make a small change, but in the
> long run it may not be the best bet :-)

I couldn't agree more. I could however fix the current XHTML if needed.

> Yes. Basically, they provide a set of Python programs that can make
> the transformations:
> rst2html, rst2latex (then you can run pdflatex) and so on.
> If you have a more elaborated structure than a single file, you can
> write a simple Python program as well, since 'docutils' is actually  a
> Python module. For example the Django Project manage its documentation
> this way:
> - 1 file = 1 chapter
> - they have custom script to put it all together and write the output.
> Python being very portable, the whole thing is quite trivial to do.

I don't know Python (always willing to learn and help though...) but If you 
say so... I trust you :)

Ok, I think that if we can make the Python (or anything else) script 
dynamically ran from Ant during compilation that would be perfect.

One other point (but I think you already answered it): Is the HTML Generated 
XHTML Strict Valid ? Having to parse it after generation to clean it up 
would be a bit of pain.

> What do you think? As I said previously, I am volunteering to create
> the generation scripts and make the migration to reST files.

My point of view is that we should go for it as long as it matches the 
requirements mentioned above and of course if our dev team/community is up 
for it.

I can help you to build it too.



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