[izpack-devel] Distrubuted install.xml files ...

Khadeer, Syed khadeer.syed at nsn.com
Wed May 16 14:55:37 CEST 2007

Hello Mr. Hans Aikema,

Thank you very much for the enhancements and commit of "Distributed
install.xml" feature.

Best Regards,

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I just committed the changes based on the initial patch by Syed Khadeer
and enhanced to also support distributed resource-definitions for the
ImgPacksPanel to trunk (together with an intermediate fix to restore the
broken ImgPacksPanel image-change on package-selection).

For a sample-install you can use the attached files as a replacement of
the Izpack-install.xml (creating a distributed install with 3-levels).

I would appreciate it if you could do some additional testing with your
own projects (hard to create all possible scenario's from scratch).

To enable your projects to using the ImgPacksPanel with minimal effort
you need to add an attribute packImgId='ImgPacksPanel.img.0' to each
<pack> definition (substituting the '0' by the correct index of course).

Hans Aikema

Hans Aikema wrote:
> Julien,
> I decided to kick this thread. Is the distributed install.xml files...
> still on your todo list, or did it fall down due to a list-overflow?
> Just saw that your reply was over a month old and not yet acted upon.
> regards,
> Hans Aikema
> (willing to look into it if no-one else has time available)
> Julien Ponge wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It's on my todo-list, I will handle it soon :-)
>> Cheer
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