[izpack-devel] JRE 1.6 and HTMLInfoPane

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Wed May 16 15:00:39 CEST 2007

Hi Steffen,
I think you mean the borders which are wider as needed.
I have just tested the IzPack installation self with a
1.6.0_01 VM. At three tests I have seen it zero times.
I assume that you have build the installation with the 1.6
and runs the installation with the 1.6.
What if you compile with a 1.5?



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> Hi,
> I've noticed a bug in the HTMLInfoPane or the JRE 1.6. I don't know  
> who should I blame :) I'm running the current version 3.10.2 (build  
> 2007.05.11) and Java 1.6.0_01-b06, mixed mode, sharing.
> You see a screenshot showing what happens if I run the created  
> installer under Java 1.6. Java 1.5 works fine by the way. The 
> strange  
> thing is, that if I run the installer several times, there is one  
> correct behaviour under let's say 10 screens like the attached. The  
> content of the HTMLInfoPane doesn't matter, I've tried a simple  
> <html><body>test</body></html> which shows the same result.
> I've fixed the size of the installer by:
>     <guiprefs width="800" height="620" resizable="no">
>          <modifier key="useLabelIcons" value="no"/>
>     </guiprefs>
> If the size is not fixed everything is a bit smaller but the border- 
> bug is the same. Any idea what's wrong there?

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