[izpack-devel] Coding custom components against an IzPack API

Raz Yalov RYalov at the41.com
Mon May 21 21:01:00 CEST 2007

First, sorry if this is the wrong list for this question.


In short: is there an official "izpack-api.jar" exposed to enabled
development of custom elements (panels, validators etc.) outside the
IzPack project context?


Details: I would like to create as part of my product's project an
izPack-ext.jar that will hold customized code I've written to enhance my
IzPack setup but I want to maintain and build this in the context of my
product's baseline and not within IzPack project.


I couldn't find any kind of "izpack-api.jar" type of file that holds all
the interfaces that are needed in order to compile your own extensions.


Is the only expected way to add custom elements is by adding them to a
local copy of the entire IzPack project?



Any ideas/direction would be appreciated.





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