[izpack-devel] Planning the next release

Loïc lbndev at yahoo.fr
Mon Nov 19 22:31:34 CET 2007

Hi Julien,

I'm a bit too busy right now, but as soon as I get some free time I'll 
look into it.
I'll get back to you ASAP with the updated patches & related 
documentation, as a start.



Julien Ponge a écrit :
> Hi Loic
>> For quite some time now I have been offerring you my help to get this
>> new documentation fnished as soon as possible. This offer is still
>> valid, should you want to accept it.
> This is now ready to be edited!
>> However, can I request once more that my patches first submitted in
>> october 2006 (Localization of InstallationGroupPanel) and in April 2007
>> (resubmit of the previous one + Localization of shortcuts) be reviewed
>> and merged before 3.11.0 gets out ? I just checked out latest SVN and
>> noticed that it is still not done.
>> For the latest it is strange because Klaus had reviewed & merged it
>> (check his mail from 27.04.07), I had checked that it worked, but
>> obviously it has been erased since then... (I mailed the list regarding
>> this on 26.06.07).
>> The first one has, to my knowledge, never been merged.
> I'm a bit lost with the patches history there and I cannot figure out
> exactly how it was lost... could you please make me a new patch based
> on the latest trunk? (I'm really sorry for asking you that...)
> Cheers
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