[izpack-devel] A few thoughts on the project infrastructures

Ari Voutilainen ari.voutilainen at iki.fi
Fri Feb 1 20:22:32 CET 2008


> I've been playing with an evaluation license of JIRA: this tool would
> be just great for managing efficiently the project (roadmap, tasks,
> RFEs, bugs, ...).

I think managing and especially bug tracking would be nice. Mail 
based managing won't be quite good.

> One possible solution would be to move the developer services to
> Codehaus: SVN, downloads, mailing-lists, JIRA, wiki.

Would it be possible move both web and developer service to one 

It might be worth of discussing with some developer and/or web 
service providers.

As Marc said in some mail the move must make carefully: IzPack 
should not disappear. There should always be some place where to 
find the product or project. At least saying: "we are moving" or 


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