[izpack-devel] Infrastructures discussion summary

Julien Ponge julien.ponge at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 13:52:23 CET 2008

Hi everyone,

First of all I would like to thank all the people that have enriched  
the discussion :-)

The idea of investigating a move of the developer services to another  
provider (CodeHaus) has received positive feedback. Let me answer to  
some concerns that have been raised.

1. Visibility of the project

BerliOS is only hosting the developer services, while izpack.org is  
hosted on a web hosting provider for which I also host my blog (jpz- 
log.info) and izforge.com.

izpack.org will remain the public website / entry point to the  
project, so a move will never hamper the visibility.

I however envision switching it to WordPress (a very fine weblog  
system that is also good as a CMS). The goal is to make it more  
community-focused (with people being able to post news or edit  
content) and more streamlined than it currently is.

Codehaus provides a wiki (Confluence) which could be great to use as  
well for everything that doesn't fit on an external communication  
website (which izpack.org is there for).

The separation between izpack.org and the developer services is  
important to me. When I bought izpack.org so that the project has its  
own domain we didn't loose any pagerank and the likes (using  
redirections) :-)

2. If we switch...

...the BerliOS content will not disappear overnight ;-) In fact me  
should keep it open for a while (but indicate that we have moved in  
case somebody gets there).

The move of the services will be careful planned so that people have  
enough time to migrate.

We could start using JIRA (issue tracking, project management) right  
off. CodeHaus provides a Confluence instance (a wiki) that we could  
use quickly as well.

The migration of SVN is an easy thing to do and we won't loose  
history. Everything is to have a good schedule.

Moving the mailing-lists should be done carefully. People need time  
to migrate. We even have the option of automatically migrating the  
email addresses. I'm not sure if the lists history can be migrated.  
It may be simpler to keep 'BerliOS-era' archives at BerliOS.

3. Mailing-lists anti-spamming

A good point, see http://archive.groovy.codehaus.org/dev to see what  
it looks like.

4. Migration redirects

This one had been raised by Marc. I hope that this email provides the  
answers that you were expecting ;-)

5. What's next

I am going to contact the CodeHaus people this afternoon and see if  
they would accept us (they are very selective about the projects!).

I'll inform you of the outcome as soon as possible.


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