[izpack-devel] Next release and migration

Julien Ponge julien.ponge at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 22:24:34 CET 2008

Hi everyone;

We are on the way to the migration to Codehaus. Here are a few news.

1. Mailing-lists migration

I can now get the list of the registered people in a convenient
manner. My plan is to make the migration next monday by AUTOMATICALLY
SUBSCRIBING YOU to the new lists.

If you don't want your address to be automatically subscribed, then
please let me know.

2. IzPack 3.11.0 and beyond

I will release it next week, at Codehaus, from the current SVN trunk
that we have at BerliOS. This will be the last 3.x release series as
I plan to upgrade to 4.x afterwards.

This is probably going to be an interim release. Starting from this
one, people will be able to report issues on our JIRA instance. The
website will stay the same for this release, but with updated
information regarding the lists and issues reporting. It will be
changed for version 4.0.0.

3. SVN migration

Once 3.11.0 has been released, I will freeze the SVN repository, then
have it migrated to Codehaus. We won't loose any single change in the
history (including the old revisions when we were using CVS!). BTW the
repository will be browsable via FishEye, a very nice tool
(http://www.atlassian.com/software/fisheye/) :-)

4. GlassFish installer

The next update of the GlassFish installer showcase willl follow
IzPack 3.11.0, with some nice improvements.

5. Developers migrations

All developers have been individually contacted. Some have already
opened their Codehaus accounts and joined the project. Some haven't
yet (please do so!). Some others could not be reached: Daniel Guggi,
Ryan Shillington and Giorgos Gaganis (if you read me guys, please join

I'm looking forward for comments!


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