[izpack-devel] variable substitution

Dennis Reil Dennis.Reil at reddot.de
Thu Jan 17 13:58:20 CET 2008

This behaviour (called Dynamic Variables) is already integrated in izpack 3.11. Look at the documentation on how to use it.


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Hi all,

I am defining a number of variables in my install.xml file e.g.
        <variable name="mcs.drws.device.repository.url" value="${INSTALL_PATH}/devicerepository/devices.mdpr"/> 
        <variable name="mcs.drws.cache.dir" value="${INSTALL_PATH}/webapp/WEB-INF/cache"/>
        <variable name="mcs.drws.log4j.config.file" value="${INSTALL_PATH}/webapp/WEB-INF/drws-log4j.xml"/>
        <variable name="mcs.drws.allow.non.secure.access" value="false"/>

These are supposed to be substituted into various files at install time. And they are, however the 
substitution point in one such file (for example) gets the value 
rather then also having the ${INSTALL_PATH} part replaced with the install time value.

It looks like either 
a) variables can not have substitution points in their own values
b) the variables are defined at compile time and never examined again.

I would like to modify this behaviour so the above example works (it is useful to have constructed variables esp. when they are paths as they get converted to platform specific paths at install)

Any hints on where this behaviour should be added?



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