[izpack-devel] Documentation Update

Jeff Gordon jeff.not24 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 23:30:46 CET 2008

Hello all,

I finally got Python and docutils on my box and, after playing with how the
formatting works for a while, added some updates to the documentation as
depicted below.

- Jeff Gordon

Capitalized Titles
Added Sample Installation XML
Added Sample userInputSpec.xml
Changed preambule to preamble (include)

renamed to preamble.txt

corrected include to preamble.txt
Capitalized heading

Added file

Added file

Added section for UserPathPanel

Added link to sample-userInputSpec.xml
Added Password Field
Added Directory Field
Added File Field
Added password field example for Regex Validator
Added PasswordEqualityValidator
Added PasswordKeystoreValidator
Small spelling and gammer corrections
Cropped images 7-11 (Rule Field in UserInputPanel)
Added file-field.png (File Field UserInputPanel)
Added file-field-error.png (File Field UserInputPanel)
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