[izpack-users] XML parsing

Zaheed Haque zaheed.haque at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 17:49:02 CEST 2006

I'm trying to write user-input data to an external xml-file. My
xml-file called settings.xml have a notation like this:

  <name>a name</name>
  <value>a value</value>
  <name>another name</name>
  <value>another value</value>

I was in the impression that option "parsable" in XML could do the
trick? But I am not geeting the grip here.. any hint?

I have a feeling there must be an easy way of substituting values in
this file using izpack, no? I have added the xml-file as a parsable
resource, now how do I map my variables to the right nodes in the


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