[izpack-users] Language dependant file installation?

Dominik S. Herwald lists at dsh-elektronik.de
Thu Apr 13 17:13:45 CEST 2006


I need to create a Multi-Language installer - so far I have no problems 
IzPack - great piece of Software!

There is only one thing that I miss:
An argument for a <file> element in the packs section of the install.xml 
where I can specify the iso3 language code this file belongs to.
This file should only be installed if the user has chosen this language!

This could look like this:
<file src="aDocFileInEnglish.pdf" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"  lang="eng"/>
<file src="aDocFileInFrench.pdf" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"  lang="fra"/>
<file src="aDocFileInGerman.pdf" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"  lang="deu"/>
... and so on.

(e.g. lang="eng" should have a similar behaiviour as the "os" argument 
that only
installs a file if the user OS matches the "os" value,  you know - e.g. 
os="unix" )

The reason for this is that I have some files (documentation, a config 
file that
sets application language, ...) that are available in several languages 
and I want
ONLY those files in the language the user has selected to be copied to the
install directory...

I could add this feature myself - but I have no time to look through the
several thousand lines of code of IzPack first to see WHERE to add
such a modification ... so can anybody tell me if this is possible in 
any way
and where I could change the IzPack sources to achieve this?

(not _what_ to change excactly - I need just a basic idea of where I could
add an additional argument to the <file> element and how to achieve the
correct behaiviour of this ... )

Or is this possible with IzPack already? How?


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