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Just one more thing that klaus didn't mention.
if you go to http://www.izforge.com/izpack/downloads
You'll see a tutorial made by Julien in a pdf format.

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Hi Mika,
look into the docu which is a pack in the IzPack installation.
For a simple installation see chapter "Getting started".
If you need more, read more. CookBooks are also there.
If you install the sources, you can look how to create the
IzPack installation. In the directory
there are the files which are needed to define the IzPack
installation. The installation declaration files are
Additional there is a simplest example in
If there are problems after locking to it, feel free to
call us for help.



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>Hello all,
>is there a tutorial for the "IzPack: Java-based Software
>Installers Generator" ?
>I just want to create an installer for the Geronimo v1.1
>application server. I know there is no installer needed for,
>but this belongs to my test-phase ;-).
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