[izpack-users] create ShortCuts depending on packages?

Zycor.net Development Solutions airhead at webmail.co.za
Fri Aug 4 09:19:20 CEST 2006

mika wrote:
> Hello again,
> first I have to say that I haven't read the ShortCut-documentation ( punch me if you want ;-) ).
> But my question is wheather there is a option given to create a shortcut depending on a package which has been selected or not.
Read it, There's a whole chapter on shortcuts. If you do not read it, 
you'll waste a lot of time. Trust me, I know...
> That means, if this package isn't selected the shortcut shouldn't be created.
> And the other way round, if the package is selected, the shortcut has to be created!
> Just give me an tipp wheater it is in the documentation or not ;-).
Yes, it is. Under selective creation of shortcuts.
> But if you are kind you would post the way of doing this :-).
basically, use the <createForPack name=' 'a pack name' ' /> , where 'a 
pack name' is the name of the pack it's for and ' ' is two single 
quotes. But once again, go and read the docs, they will save you a lot 
of frustration and time in the long run...


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