[izpack-users] IzPack 3.8.1 getting started problem

Roshan Bhat roshan.bhat at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 15:12:02 CEST 2006

I downloaded the latest version 3.8.1 of IzPack.

I have configured Eclipse 3.1.2 ro tun my project.

But my run Compiler class task with the program arguments

"-HOME ${workspace_loc:Izpack_PC}
-b ${workspace_loc:Izpack_PC}/src
-o c:/temp/install.jar"

is giving me an exception even though the License.txt is present there.
Please help me as I have a timeline to present a POc on IzPack.

.:: IzPack - Version 3.8.1 ::.

< compiler specifications version : 1.0 >

- Copyright (C) 2001-2006 Julien Ponge

- Visit http://www.izforge.com/ for the latests releases

- Released under the terms of the Apache Software License version 2.0.

-> Processing : C:\rbhatEclipseWorkspace\Izpack_PC/src/config/install.xml

-> Output : c:/temp/install.jar

-> Base path : C:\rbhatEclipseWorkspace\Izpack_PC/src

-> Kind : standard

-> Compression : default

-> Compr. level: -1

Adding resource: IzPack.uninstaller

Setting the installer information

Setting the GUI preferences

Adding langpack: eng

Adding resource: flag.eng

-> Fatal error :

C:\rbhatEclipseWorkspace\Izpack_PC/src/config/install.xml:91: Resource not
found: C:\rbhatEclipseWorkspace\Izpack_PC\src\Licence.txt

C:\rbhatEclipseWorkspace\Izpack_PC/src/config/install.xml:91: Resource not
found: C:\rbhatEclipseWorkspace\Izpack_PC\src\Licence.txt

at com.izforge.izpack.compiler.CompilerConfig.parseError(*

at com.izforge.izpack.compiler.CompilerConfig.findProjectResource(*

at com.izforge.izpack.compiler.CompilerConfig.addResources(*

at com.izforge.izpack.compiler.CompilerConfig.executeCompiler(*

at com.izforge.izpack.compiler.CompilerConfig.main(*CompilerConfig.java:1847

at com.izforge.izpack.compiler.Compiler.main(*Compiler.java:620*)

(tip : use -? to get the commmand line parameters)
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