[izpack-users] error compiling in linux - mandrake 10

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Thu Aug 10 10:51:52 CEST 2006

Good morning Mika,
IzPack tries to be an OS independant installer. If you should
do something on one OS most you have to do the analogon on others.
Analog between Windows and other OSes means, that you have to use
the right separators.
Last week we have worked some time about the root path to IzPack
which is need e.g. to find the jar file where are the uninstaller
class files stored. Normally that's the first file which should be
loaded by the compiler. I do not know why you are crashed later last
OK, if you are in $IZPACK_HOME/sample write simple

java -DIZPACK_HOME=.. -jar ../lib/compiler.jar install.xml -o install.jar -b . -k standard

and it works. If you are at an other point in the file system, give
the full path to IZPACK_HOME; may be in quotes.

On my Unix box (Suse Linux) I got a little bit other error message
with your comand line:
Uninstaller not found: ./lib/uninstaller.jar
If at your box uninstaller.jar is really written as Uninstaller.jar
the problem is elsewhere. But I cannot find any string in the
IzPack resources where the first case is upper...
On Windows it will be not importent, but on Unix OSes.



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>Subject: [izpack-users] error compiling in linux - mandrake 10
>on compiling a application an error occurs.
>Uninstaller not found: ./lib/Uninstaller.jar
>The command I use is 'java -jar ../lib/compiler.jar 
>install.xml -o install.jar -b . -k standard'.
>Is there an environment variable to set for the Uninstaller.jar?
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