[izpack-users] Common Packs

Sipes, Jonathan Dee (Jd) sipes at avaya.com
Mon Dec 4 20:59:48 CET 2006

 I have been evaluating IzPack and I am very very impressed with what I
see, my compliments to the developers. I did have one question (it may
be answered in the documentation and I just missed it). I create
installers for several different applications and many of them share
common resources; for example I may have several applications that I
install Tomcat with. Is it currently possible to write up a single
'pack' for installing Tomcat that included all the various logic needed,
the files, and a few dialogs that prompt the user for preferences (like
the port they want Tomcat to run on)? The Tomcat 'pack' would then be
referenced in the main installer (which may also reference other shared
or common packs like Java) along with that installation's unique files,
logic, and standard dialogs (like installation location). Anyone doing
something like this now?

Hope this wasn't something obvious and I missed it!


 JD Sipes

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