[izpack-users] Some Linux platform problems

Wilson Carl Carl.Wilson at uk.thalesgroup.com
Mon Dec 18 19:03:21 CET 2006

I've just used IzPack to put together our standardised cross-platform (Linux
and Windows) Eclipse installation with a bundle of plugins.

Eventually got it all working from the documentation and resorting to batch
files + some extra external parsing for Windows and bash shell scripts for
Linux to do the main installation work.  Win installer working fine using
(Java 1.5.0_09), however I'm having some problems on Linux installations
(same JDK) which are generally Linux version dependent.

It works, or there's a workaround, but hoped someone out there might be able
to provide some explanation of the Linux features...

* Needed to put //opt/eclipse instead of /opt/eclipse into the linux
destination file used by TargetPanel.dir.linux

This may just be a display error (see later)

RHEL 3.3
* Target Screen displays opt/eclipse if I define /opt/eclipse in linux
destination file.  I found I needed to have // at the beginning to get it to

* Locks up creating /opt/eclipse.  No problems with /myopt/eclipse.  No
problems with /opt/eclipse if /opt doesn't exist (i.e. no other entries)

RHEL 4.3
* Doesn't show grey background on language screen (ok on RHEL 3.3)
* Target screen only displays 'lipse' instead of /opt/eclipse (but works if
you hit next) (i.e. the stored path is correct)
* Works ok with /opt/eclipse - even if there are other entries in the

Otherwise it's quite a good installation tool.  Some improvements in
documentation, more extensive examples and a searchable user forum might



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