[izpack-users] izpack variable issue

Mandeep Saini Mandeep.Saini at dante.org.uk
Wed Dec 20 12:42:50 CET 2006

Hi Sonal,

In IzPack graphical interface is build only once and it happens in the 
very beginning so if you are setting a field with the value of a 
variable which you are taking as input from user will not be displayed 
in the field because the graphical interface was already build at that 
time and will not be able to show the recent value.

But if you checkout the recent IzPack from the trunk then its possible. 
Because a new method updateUIElements has been added in the 
UserInputPanel class which  updates the UI elements. Although it has not 
been implemented completely  . It updates the rule field, text field but 
doesn't do it for search field and other fields. But you can write your 
own code to update Search field inside this method.

Hope this will help you.

sonal.deshpande at tcs.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to use a variable for file tag in search field in userInputSpc.xml.
> e.g:
> <field filename=VAR type="search" variable="db2_home">
> where VAR is variable set in some radiobutton control.
> Is it possible and how?
> Regards
> Sonal B Deshpande
> Tata Consultancy Services
> Mailto: sonal.deshpande at tcs.com
> Website: http://www.tcs.com
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