[izpack-users] Variable substitution not possible within the installer.xml file?

Julien Ponge julien at izforge.com
Sun Feb 12 12:17:23 CET 2006


> Am I correct that there is no way to specify a local variable and  
> then use it throughout the installer XML file? I was thinking about  
> specifying a variable like my product version;
> <variables>
>     <variable name="ProductVersion" value="XYZ" />
> </variables>
> and then using this variable later on in other elements, like info  
> for example:
> <info>
> ...
>     <appversion>$ProductVersion</appversion>
> ...
> </info>

You could probably use Ant to tweak your install.xml instead.

Julien Ponge
GnuPG ID: 0xCD9DE030

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