[izpack-users] Re: Variable substitution not possible within the installer.xml file?

Przemek Skoskiewicz pskoskiewicz at nyc.rr.com
Tue Feb 14 03:00:37 CET 2006

Not sure that I understand; my install.xml is already being invoked from  
Ant via the 'izpack' task. Thus I was thinking that Ant's variable  
definition and substitution rules would be in effect... Neither there does  
seem to be a way to pass some variables into the IzPack's installer  
buildfile via the 'izpack' task, only the basedir. Unless I'm missing  
something, it seems to me that the 'izpack' task introduces a barrier  
between one's Ant buildfile and the install.xml, in that nothing defined  
in the parent buildfile is accessible in install.xml. I'll see if I can  
get anywhere with properties...


>> <info>
>> ...
>>     <appversion>$ProductVersion</appversion>
>> ...
>> </info>
> You could probably use Ant to tweak your install.xml instead.
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> Julien Ponge
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