[izpack-users] Multiple UserInputPanels and Enabling them based on Pack selection

Robert Reeves robert.reeves at newisys.com
Mon Feb 20 17:39:16 CET 2006


Two questions:

1) I want to show my users multiple UserInputPanels. I need entirely too
much information to smoosh it into one Panel. So, I started testing with
one panel. In my User Input specification XML file, I have one <panel>
element with order="0". Worked like a champ.

I added a second User Input Panel by adding a second <panel> node with
order="1" to my spec. However, during install time, the second panel
isn't shown. Am I missing something? Where should I start looking to
diagnose this problem?

2) I have 4 packs. 1 is required and the other 3 are optional. However,
if the user selects pack foo, I need to show them the Foo User Input
Panel. If they don't select Foo, then they don't see the Foo Panel. What
is the best way to accomplish this?

Also, searching the izpack user email archive isn't working with Google.
Does anybody have a better method for searching the archive.



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