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Michael Hagedorn michael.hagedorn at gmx.de
Tue Feb 21 17:35:39 CET 2006


Toronto sounds like snow, cool :)

For the first step it would be sufficient for me to apply patch to my
local source tree. But how to get the patch?

If you will care for this issue for the next release I would be happy.


Miraodb wrote:
> hi,
> Well, dunno about others, but i was out for week of vacation in toronto...
> Anyways, this negative pack dependance patch can be applied as long as one
> of us (members) has tested it and approved.
> I can do that but not right away. a few days are needed as i have bunch of
> stuffs to do at the moment.
> If any others can take care of it, they're welcome.
> Otherwise i will in few days.
> Anyhow, this patch will be available only on next release unless you can use
> a cvs checkout.
> You have also the possibility to update your local sources and recompile the
> jars yourself.
> There's a detailed docu about that provided with IzPack 3.8.x
> Cheers,
> fabrice
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>> It seems to be nobody at home at izpack-devel. All discussions are going
>> here.
>> Who is the guy called 'psc'? He has submitted feature request #642. I'd
>> like to reuse his implementation.
>> Please reply.
>> Thanks,
>> Michael
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