[izpack-users] A few how to questions

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that's fairly easy.
You need two things:

first in install.xml add this:
  <res src="TargetPathWin.txt" id="TargetPanel.dir.windows" />

where TargetPathWin.txt is a file that you created and put in the root of
your installer folder.
You could use any sourcepath though like xxx\yyy\TargetPathWin.txt

then in TargetPathWin.txt just add one line which contain the path you want
the targetpanel to point to by default.
for example:

NOTE: you can also do the same for unix with:
<res src="TargetPathLin.txt" id="TargetPanel.dir.unix" />

Hope that helps,
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> HI,
> We've been using IzPack for a few months and we have a request from
> one of our clients to prevent installation of anything on drive C.
> Currently, IzPack always installs on c:\Program Files. We need to be
> able to put it on D: or Something else.
> How can I do this?
> Thanks,
> L
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