[izpack-users] Mac apps in installer

Vincent Neyt vn003 at telenet.be
Wed Feb 22 10:02:17 CET 2006

Hi all,
i'm having trouble with including Mac apps in the great IzPack installer software. When i include an app inside the install.xml like so:

<file src="Platypus.app" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>

the app will not run when I run the install.jar and install the stuff somewhere on my hard disk. I've tried various apps, and it's always the same thing,
on my Mac Os 10.3.9, doubleclicking the app will cause it to jump to the dock, and then vanish immediately (it won't start up, in short :-).

Am I doing anything wrong, or missing a tag in my install.xml file?

thanks in advance for the help,

Vincent Neyt

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