[izpack-users] Is it possible to stop a service via the install.xml?

Yossi Baram yossiba at eldat.com
Thu Jan 12 11:43:36 CET 2006

Hi Miraodb,
First, I'm glad you're glad...believe me we're not the only ones
stragglin and hitting walls on that matter (their are few more).
Your solution sims great to me as your past solutions,
The Mysql.xml is an xml runs by myAntActionsSpec.xml. most of my
installation actions done by Ant because later on I'll need to work
under Linux, so bat/cmd files are out of the question.
But for the current time I'm running my install under Windows os.
So running some kind of an executable file that does the work is great.
Please send me the code for the executable file + how do I use it, let
say a command that will ask it to stop mysql service.
I didnt use processpanel yet.
Thanks again man for the help.
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