[izpack-users] Clearing text when reload custom panel

Klaus Bartz bartzkau at gmx.net
Tue Mar 28 10:01:38 CEST 2006

Am 28.02.2006, 08:52 Uhr, schrieb Yossi Baram <yossiba at eldat.com>:
> public class ValidityCheck extends IzPanel

Will be better if you use "Panel" at end of class name like
Then it is easier to include the panel into the build rules of the
ant script :-)

You know, TargetPanel verifies also the space...
It uses the method getFreeSpace of com.izforge.izpack.util.IOHelper.
 From time to time it was expanded for some other OSs.

> My problem here is, if the user get a message that he doesnt have enogh
> space for installation he should return and set a different target
> folder.
> When the ValidityCheck panel reload the previous string remains and a
> new one is added.

Will be nice if you use the source layout of IzPack. There is an layout
file for eclipse in the source tree :-) Then we can see what you have
implemented on the fly else we have to reformat your code.
After I have loaded your class into eclipse and reformated the layout
I have seen your problem...

You create only the center panel in the constructor, not the labels
and struts etc. Do this not in this manner with an IzPack panel, also
there is one where it will be done (FinishPanel).
In the constructor create all elements of layout; if you would change
something use a class member to access the element later.
In panelActivate change the contents of the already created layout elements
like labels or text boxes or check boxes or what ever; e.g.
sorryLabel.setText("my new sorry message");

If you would change the layout of a panel at the secound view you
have to remove the old layout elements and revalidate the panel. This
can produce some trouble...
IzPack do not use dynamic created panels else all panels should be created
after language selection box (OK, FinishPanel is an exception; I do not
know why...).

If you need dynamic behavior use better an additional dialog like

> How can I make sure each time you go inside the panel, it has no past
> strings that will be added to the new one?
> Thanks
> Yossi



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