[izpack-users] Debugging Panel

Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Sun Mar 5 18:07:48 CET 2006

While working on a few panels, I found I needed to get values of several 
variables in InstallData as well as reading allPacks and selectedPacks 
to see which packs were there and which were selected.

One panel I'm working on, ProgramFinderPanel, can remove packs from 
allPacks and selectedPacks, but has to re-insert them if the end user 
backs up, so I needed a way to check all the variables both before and 
after the panel I was testing.  I've gotten tired of temporarily 
altering other panels to print out variables or pack names to check on 
the results from the panel I'm working on, and realized it'd be easier 
to make a simple test panel.

I created DataCheckPanel, which has NOTHING but a line of text on it, 
saying it is for debugging (maybe I'll add a scrolling text area to 
it), but it prints to the console a sorted list of all the variables in 
InstallData, along with a list of allPacks, indentifying which packs 
are selected.

The code is attached.  (Does this list accept attachments?  If not, I'll 
reply to this with the code in the text of the letter.)

I hope it can help others like it's helped me.

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