Antwort: [izpack-users] Disable/Enable or Select/Deselect pa cks based on pack selection

Hal Vaughan hal at
Tue Mar 7 15:11:54 CET 2006

On Tuesday 07 March 2006 06:06, Christophe ROCHEFOLLE wrote:
> OK, I see, but how do you ' go through the selected packs
> and check that only one pack for group "databases" is selected" ?
> Thanks a lot for your answer,
> Kriss

I don't think this is a huge help, but here's a few thoughts, just in 
case they do help or give you ideas.

I think you'd basically have to do that with a custom panel that knows 
which packs are database packs and can intelligently compare them, so 
if it finds pack A is selected, it knows packs B,C, & D are equivalent, 
and knows which packs can be removed.  Or it can scan them based on 
phrases within the pack name, so you could name all your DB packs with 
"SQL" in them and make sure those 3 letters don't appear in other pack 
names, or start the names of those packs with "Database: ", which would 
make them easy to detect.

You can also compare allPacks with selectedPacks, so in this case, you'd 
scan selectedPacks for packs with "SQL" in the name and eliminate them.


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