[izpack-users] set an environment variable?

Darren Govoni darren at ontrenet.com
Tue Mar 7 22:31:32 CET 2006

Hi Hal,
    Thanks for the always speedy response! Much appreciated. After the 
install is when I'd
like to set it. Your suggestion is a good one, so I will try it.


Hal Vaughan wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 March 2006 16:07, Darren Govoni wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>>     Was wondering if I can "set" an environment variable during
>> installation? on Windows.
> You can use a .bat file to set it and declare the file as an executable 
> so it will be run by the ProcessPanel.  You can also use a parsed 
> variable in the .bat file so the value could be set in a UserInputPanel 
> or in a custom panel you make.
> Did you need to set it for use after the install, or during the install?
> Hal
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