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Fri Mar 10 09:21:00 CET 2006

The data container which will be present during the hole
installation is an object of the class InstallData. There is
only one object of it. The non-GUI-base-class is AutomatedInstallData.
In a panel which will be derived from IzPanel you can access
via the class member idata.
In a custom action derived from SimpleInstallerListener there is
the getter getInstalldata().
To store informations from one panel to an other (or to a custom
action) it is common to store this information as property, means:

String value = "das was ich mir merken will";
idata.setVariable("myIdentifier", value);

example: line 102.

To access in a panel:

String myValue = idata.getVariable("myIdentifier");

example: line 118.

To access in a custom action:

String myValue = getInstalldata().getVariable("myIdentifier");

example: line 138 (little bit complex)

In custom actions there is often an access to all variables:

Properties vars = getInstalldata().getVariables();

You can use SummaryLoggerInstallerListener.afterPacks as an
example for getVariables and other things from InstallData.

Do not try to access the panel objects directly. It will be possible
with some hacks, but you will catch more problems you would have.
This is the common way not only in IzPack. MSI has a "near by mimik".

Hope it helps


Am 09.03.2006, 22:52 Uhr, schrieb Klaus <klaus at>:

> I need a custom panel and the data of these panel must be available in a
> custom action. I need some username, password etc. to connect to an
> database.
> Thx,
> Klaus
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> Hi Klaus,
> I do not really understand what you mean.
> Are you speaking of a custom panel or a custom action?
> What user input and what you would process?
> Cheers
> Klaus
> Am 09.03.2006, 17:40 Uhr, schrieb Klaus <klaus at>:
>> How do I process the user input. I need to know the input in my own
>> action,
>> after the last pack is zipped out. Unfortunately this chapter is missing
>> in
>> the documentation.
>> Thx,
>> Klaus
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