[izpack-users] Some files aren't copied, long filenames?

Miraodb miraodb at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 10 13:37:55 CET 2006

Hi david,

> Thanks for your suggestions.

No problem !

> I mean JRE for running the installer.

Ok this is good, coz i think compiling involves much more trouble with 1.5.x

> This is clearly a bug in JRE 1.5.0_06.  I have reported the bug to Sun.


> I'm using 3.6.2 because I developed the installer some months ago.

Why not upgrading ?
I think there should be no trouble. Plus i can assure you that you'll enjoy
the new features of it.
FWI, you'll defenitley get some help from the list if anything goes wrong
with the update.
Personal opinion, i would go for it. Just do a backup of your current env,
just in case and install the latest version. It's down compatible so you
shouldn't have to change anything of your current setup besides the izpack
sources itself.

Don't forget one thing, if you did some custom stuffs (actioms, panels...)
backup them too and apply them to the new sources.

Hope this helps and hope that Sun can have a stable release soon. It's quite
trouble for developers to build things on something that buggy.


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