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Hi Klaus,
see context related...


Am 10.03.2006, 15:18 Uhr, schrieb Klaus <klaus at>:

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> Hi Klaus,
> Thanks for the quick response. Could you give me a hint, how to comile my
> own Listener? Looking into the build.xml a saw a makro <macrodef
> name="build-installer-listener">..</makro>. Do I only have to change the
> name etc? How do I cal this marko? In the doku stands something about an
> atncall, but every time I try to insert this into the build xml, it won't
> compile.

Uups, docu is not actual; someone has changed the ant script from anttasks
to macros. See line 732ff of build.xml where are the current macro calls  
the existent custom actions.
For you I think it should be
         <build-installer-listener name="MyDingsBumsInstallerListener">
name="src/lib/herbie/install/" />

if you have the line

package src.lib.herbie.install;

at beginning of your source file.
You know, the source should then be placed in


Not a common package path...
If there are dependencies do not forget to include all source files; e.g.  

> My Listerner is in the package src/lib/herbie/install
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