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Klaus Bartz bartzkau at gmx.net
Tue Mar 14 09:22:22 CET 2006

Where do you would call ant?
If during installation use AntActionInstallListener or look
into the source to see how to use ant in IzPack.
If you develop panels/actions use an environment like
eclipse. There you can debug and see why you get an exception.
The docu contains some lines which describe how to incorporate
an IzPack project into eclipse.



Change the titel of a reply email from the german "AW" to the common
"Re" else the BerliOS mail archive makes nonsens... Best will be to
change the configuration, but with some mailer it is not easy.

Am 11.03.2006, 19:45 Uhr, schrieb Klaus <klaus at vommond.de>:

> Hi,
> I have solved the problem by acvoiding xerces. But there arises the next
> question :-(. I need to call an ant file. I use the following code:
> Project ant = new Project();
> ProjectHelper helper = new ProjectHelperImpl();
> ant.init();
> helper.parse(ant, new File(installPath + "/" + BUILD_FILE));
> ant.executeTarget(BUILD_ANT_SCHEMA);
> ant.executeTarget(BUILD_ANT_DEPLOY);
> But this build.xml won't be executed. There is an NullPointerException.  
> If I
> call ant from the command line the file will be executed! A have added
> nearly all of the ant libs. I can't explain that behaviour.
> Thx,
> Klaus
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