[izpack-users] localized license files

Klaus Bartz bartzkau at gmx.net
Tue Mar 14 09:41:20 CET 2006

but I am a little bit confused...
I use localized license and info files since IzPack 3.5; why wait for
next release?
My entries in install.xml in the <resources> section are:

		<res id="HTMLLicencePanel.licence"  
		<res id="HTMLLicencePanel.licence_deu"  

Create a file with a name you like. Write a reference into your  
install.xml where the
key is
or if you use the HTMLLicencePanel
The Key for the Info panels are

Or have I understand the question wrong?



Am 13.03.2006, 16:19 Uhr, schrieb Stuart Barlow <sbarlow at peopledoc.com>:

> Fantastic! I can wait a short while.
> I was about to offer to help with the feature.
> Is there a list of new features that 3.9.0 will include?
> Miraodb wrote:
>> Hi Stuart,
>> Soon enough release 3.9.0 will show up and i'm glad to see that you need
>> that coz i developped that few days ago and i will be part of next  
>> release.
>> Just have to wait a little bit for next release which should be soon.
>>  Cheers,
>> fabrice
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>> Subject: [izpack-users] localized license files
>>> I like izpack. The most simple and usable java installer we have yet
>> tried.
>>> And the many languages is good too. However in-line with the multi lang
>>> support we also need to display a license file in the same language  
>>> that
>> the
>>> user has selected in the install - if one is available.
>>> Is this possible in izpack?
>>> ta,
>>> Stuart
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