[izpack-users] How to use validations in TargetPanel?

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You can't do that using the normal targetpanel.
You would have to use a custom panel to do the trick.
Here is the one i use:

 * Created on 29.06.2005
 * TODO To change the template for this generated file go to
 * Window - Preferences - Java - Code Style - Code Templates
package com.izforge.izpack.panels;

import com.izforge.izpack.installer.InstallData;
import com.izforge.izpack.installer.InstallerFrame;

 * @author fabrice mirabile
public class NonBlankTargetPanel extends TargetPanel
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 3248705610571943817L;

    public NonBlankTargetPanel(InstallerFrame parent, InstallData idata)
        super(parent, idata);

    public boolean isValidated()
      String chosenPath = pathSelectionPanel.getPath();
      if(chosenPath == null || chosenPath.length() < 1 )
        return( false );
      if( chosenPath.indexOf(" ") >= 0 )
        return( false );
      return(super.isValidated() );

    public void panelActivate()
      String chosenPath = pathSelectionPanel.getPath();
      if(chosenPath == null || chosenPath.length() < 1 )
      if( chosenPath.indexOf(" ") >= 0 )


To use it:

Create NonBlankTargetPanel.java file with this code in it.
Add it to the izpack-src\src\lib\com\izforge\izpack\panels folder.

Add the following tagert rule into the ant build.xml:

<build-panel name="NonBlankTargetPanel">
           <include name="com/izforge/izpack/panels/PathInputPanel.java"/>
           <include name="com/izforge/izpack/panels/TargetPanel.java"/>

Then run ant clean, ant all.

Now you can use this new panel as follows in install.xml:

<panel classname="NonBlankTargetPanel"/>

instead of <panel classname="TargetPanel"/>

Hope that helps,

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Hi all,
I am  using TargetPanel of Izpack.But I want to use validations for it e.g.
like i dont want my users tio enter the directory name with space in
between. So how i can i restrict the users from doin this. I
Please help me.
Thanking in advance.

Sagar Shah.
email : sagarbs at gmail.com

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