[izpack-users] Using Compression in Packs

Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Tue May 2 20:24:01 CEST 2006

When I was working on finding a way to integrate encrypting packs I 
remember looking over some of the jar handling routines for input and 
output.  I haven't done a lot with jars and IO is not one of my strong 
points, but it appears to me that there is no compression used at all 
in creating packs or the entire install jar file.  Is this a deliberate 
decision and is there a reason for it?

Would there be any interest in making a small change to add compression?

Would there be interest in the ability of the developer to pick a 
desired level of compression?

I started thinking about this when realizing that one of the 4 packs I 
need for my program is 91 MB and another one I haven't quite finished 
with will likely be even larger.  It took over half an hour to upload 
this 91MB pack to my web site in a test run today.  After dealing with 
that I would much rather wait longer for the pack or jar file to be 
created and have a smaller file than to have such a large pack.



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