[izpack-users] Usage of Loose Packs

Joerg Fackler cspro at wglp.de
Fri May 12 18:58:52 CEST 2006


did you gained some information about that topic? For me
this is interesting too.

Best regards, Joerg

> Hi all,
> I tried for hours to get a loose package working.
> The problem occurs during installation. What is the correct value forthe  
> "dir" attribute in a fileset of a loose package?
> Assuming that in the same directory where the setup.jar is located there 
> are a couple of WAR files that are to be copied into the webapps folder 
> of the installation directory. The following does not the job. It seems 
> that the specified dir (".") is resolved relatively to the basedir that  
> was specified during compiling the setup. Yet, the basedir used during 
> compilation can definitely not be used during installation!
> Best regards,
> --Stefan
>    <pack name="wars" required="yes" loose="true">
>      <description/>
>      <fileset dir="." includes="*.war"  
> targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/webapps"/>
>    </pack>

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