[izpack-users] Execute Java Class

Mandeep Saini Mandeep.Saini at dante.org.uk
Tue Nov 7 19:52:57 CET 2006

Hi Macke,

Thankyou very much for the help but it hasn't solved my problem. I have 
a feeling that I am wrong somewhere in specifying the paths. I am 
sending you my complete files with the attachment so that you can have a 
clear Idea of what I am doing.

I have also tried with the following path in the ProcessPanel.Spec.xml:

<executeclass name="com.izforge.izpack.util.TestWrite">

Thankyou again for ur kind help.


macke wrote:

> Hi!
> First you have to specify in your install.xml, that you want to use the
> ProcessPanel: 
> <panels>
> ...
> <panel classname="ProcessPanel"/>
> ...
> </panels>
> In the resources section of install.xml you have to tell where the xml for
> it is:
>     	<resources>
>                 .....
> 		<!-- what has the ProcessPanel to do -->
> 		<res id="ProcessPanel.Spec.xml" src="PATH/TO/ProcessPanel.Spec.xml"/>
>     	</resources>
> And you have to include your class. Easiest way is to generate a JAR file
> including your class. In the install.xml you have then to add the line, e.g.
> <jar src="PATH/TO/WriteProperties.jar"/>
> In the ProcessPanel.Spec.xml you have to write:
> <processing>
> <job name="name of teh job">
> <os family="windows" />
> <executeclass name="com.izforge.izpack.util.WriteProperties"> <!-- this is
> an example! as you see you have to write the package path to your class. If
> you don't use packages, only write WriteProperties  -->
> <arg>arg1</arg>
> ...
> </executeclass>
> </processing>
> Hope this helps. 
> regards,
> Macke
> Mandeep wrote:
>>I want to execute (during or after the installation process) java class
>>which creates a properties file . I am trying to do this with ProcessPanel
>>and writing the following ProcessPanel.Spec.xml for the same:
>><job name="any">
>>	<os family="windows"/>
>>	<executableclass name="$INSTALL_PATH/src/WriteProperties.class"/>	
>>is this the right way to do it...or should I so something else? Please
>>suggest me.....I am new to IzPack.

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