[izpack-users] Setting "TargetPanel.dir" has no effect..

Markus Schlegel markus.schlegel at pulinco.com
Thu Nov 23 14:44:38 CET 2006

I am a new user of IzPack (3.9) and I am trying to set the default Installation Path displayed in the TargetPanel.
According to the Documentation, I have to save the Path in a Txt-File:
and declare that resource in the install.xml file.
The generated jar-file contains a file "TargetPanel.dir", which contains that String. So the compiler and the filepath in the installer.xml are ok.
It seems, that TargetPanel does not handle this setting correctly.
Any hints?
Thanks Markus
PS: see also my next post about the Installationdirectory on International versions of Windows...
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