[izpack-users] Auto-starting the just installed program

Hans-Georg Michna hans-georg at michna.com
Wed Oct 4 10:47:47 CEST 2006

I have a little problem with starting the just installed program
from the installer. The problem is that the installer does not
finish before all other tasks started by it are finished, and
that seems to include really everything, also the just installed

I haven't found any way yet to break the link. Even if I start a
batch file (in Windows) that finishes after starting a second
batch file, the installer does not close.

Does anybody know of any method to break the link between the
installer and other tasks spawned by it? I've even thought about
using the Windows scheduler to start the program a minute later,
but that would be too awkward and very platform-dependent,
although it would probably work.


No mail, please.

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