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Hi Vihay,
there are more restrictions ...
The rules for custom panels are:
1. The name of the panel class has to end with the subword "Panel" (e.g. InfoPanel).
2. The name has to be unique (e.g. no two different classes with the name InfoPanel, also if the differ in the
3. The class files of alll used classes have to be packed in a jar file which name is the same as the panel class (e.g. InfoPanel.jar).
4. Path will be required for the class files in the jar file.
5. The jar file has to be stored in the directory %IZ_HOME%\bin\panels
I see no big problem to follow this rules. For my installations I create all custom panels (and custom actions) into the
bin dir of IzPack.
IIf you would change this behavior you have to change the packager (also known as IzPack compiler) at more than
one point. For some rules are also changes needed in the installer, may be also in the uninstaller.
I see no reason to do it in IzPack self, else you can do it in your own version of IzPack.
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I've created a custom panel for getting some information from the use as a last step during installation. I'm using Izpack ant task to create the installer jar file. But the task is expecting the jar file in the [Izpack_DIR]bin/panels directory. How can I change this behavior?
Vijay Kiran, 
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